Foundations of Algebra

by Lynn Marecek and MaryAnne Anthony-Smith

Hi!  We are excited to introduce Foundations of Algebra to you!

Foundations of Algebra is a manuscript being used right now in the Prealgebra classes at Santa Ana and Santiago Canyon Colleges.  It provides students with a bridge between arithmetic and beginning algebra.  Student understanding of algebraic concepts is supported through the use of manipulative activities called Manipulative Mathematics.  Students’ literacy in written English and fluency with mathematical vocabulary are addressed through Links to Literacy activities. And every lesson in Foundations of Algebra includes a pro-active study skills activity, which we call Take Charge of Your Success.

Click on the Manipulative Mathematics or Links to Literacy links on the menu bar above to learn more about these unique features of Foundations of Algebra. The  Strategies for Success link will give you information about our study skills workbook published by Pearson Higher Education.


7 responses to Foundations of Algebra

  1. I am a high school special education teacher and I will be teaching the FOA class this year. Is it possible for me to receive the password to access your manipulative activity pages? I am sure this will be a great resource for me.

    Thank you.

  2. Melodie Murray

    I would like to be able to view the activities and manipulatives you have on your site. Thanks!

  3. Lisa Levy

    My name is Lisa Levy and I am a SPED Teacher at an alternative high school in Georgia. I am constantly looking for additional ways to introduce and engage my students in my math courses. Most of the students I teach come with a dislike of “Math” solely as a result of not understanding it and therefore not wanting to be bothered with learning it. Many or years behind and have numerous LD and large gaps in their math knowledge. I have used the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives but was intrigued by what I saw on your website and was wondering if there was a way to obtain access to resources under your Mathematics manipulative’s tab

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