Manipulative Mathematics – Links to Virtual Manipulatives

We’ve found some good websites with interactive virtual manipulatives that you and your students could use for the activities described in the Manipulative Mathematics Teacher Training videos.  (You can read more about the philosophy behind these activities and their unique features on the Manipulative Mathematics Overview page.)

The links below will take you to those websites. The list of math topics is in the same order as the list of videos at Manipulative Mathematics Teacher Training videos so that you can easily find the corresponding website(s) for each video.

Math topics and Links:

  1. Number set concepts – Number Lines
  2. Order of Operations – Make 24
  3. Multiples and Primes – Number Charts
  4. Signed Number Operations – Addition, Subtraction
  5. Fraction Concepts – Fraction Names, Fractions as Parts of a Whole, Equivalent Fractions, Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
  6. Fraction Operations – Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction
  7. Multiples and Factoring – Color Tiles
  8. Solving Equations – Cup and Counters Model
  9. Coin Word Problems – Coin Box
  10. Area and Perimeter – Visualizing, Measuring
  11. Visualizing Slopes – Geoboard, Geoboard with a Coordinate System


Manipulative Mathematics links:
Manipulative Mathematics Overview

Activity Worksheets
Teacher Training Videos


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