Manipulative Mathematics Teacher Training Videos

We have recorded a set of videos teachers can view to learn how to use the manipulatives featured in our Manipulative Mathematics activities. (You can read more about the philosophy behind these activities and their unique features on the Manipulative Mathematics Overview page.)

Each video gives a brief overview of one type of manipulative, including:

  • the math topic(s) it addresses
  • a demonstration of teaching the topic(s) using the manipulative
  • suggestions for using it in class
  • where to find it, in physical and virtual form

We hope these videos inspire you to use manipulatives with your students!


1. Teaching Number Set Concepts with Number Lines
Math topics: counting numbers, whole numbers, integers, and location of proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers on the number line

2. Teaching the Order of Operations Concepts with the Game of 24
Math topics: order of operations with the four basic operations, use of grouping symbols

3. Teaching the Concepts of Multiples and Primes with Number Charts
Math topics: multiples, prime numbers, divisibility rules

4. Teaching Signed Number Concepts with Two Color Counters
Math topics: adding and subtracting integer

5. Teaching Fraction Concepts with Fraction Circles and Fraction Bars
Math topics: visualizing fractions, modeling fractions, naming fractions, finding fractions equivalent to one, converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers, finding equivalent fractions

6. Teaching Fraction Operations with Models
Math topics: multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting fractions, finding a common denominator

7. Teaching the Concepts of Multiples and Factors with Color Tile
Math topics: modeling multiplication of whole numbers, multiples, factors, prime numbers, square numbers

8. Teaching the Concepts of Solving Equations with Envelopes and Counters
Math topics: solving one-step equations of the forms x+a = band ax=b

9. Teaching Mixture Problems with the Coin Lab Activity
Math topic: solving mixture word problems

10. Teaching Area and Perimeter Concepts with Color Tiles
Math topics: area, perimeter, square measure, linear measure, estimation versus exact measurement

11. Teaching Slope Concepts with Geoboards
Math topic: slope of a line


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